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Hand Work Hub of South Asia – is a fashion boutique and modern style
making traditional dresses for both males and females such as shalwar
kameez dresses

fancy hand embroidery work suits having embroidery work with cuddy,
thread, cut dana, rea / beads and sitara / sequins on kameez in
contrast colors with dupatta shalwar.Following combination suits can be
ordered for any of the following fabrics and colors.

For ladies with broad shoulders, with puff sleeves are a total no. Bulky women should cover up their arms and should go in for little longer sleeves say about 5 inches. Such women should always select vertical printed salwar suits taking care that Kameez length is not too short. Remember vertical prints big flower prints and dark colors are just apt for plumpy females. Closed-necked kurta along with Churidar pajami looks fabulous and gives a slimmer look. Slim people can freely wear it. It is smart, trendy and comfortable.

Limitless Styles and Designs;

Kameez come in many different styles such as Parallel / Trouser style
shalwar suits with a short Kurta style top, churidar style shalwar
kameez, pajami and afghani style shalwar kameez.

Who wants to go bankrupt on finding “THE PERFECT” ensemble or adding variety to our everyday clothing? Shalwar Kameez is the ideal value! For starters, there are shalwar kameez that fits every budget. Even formal shalwar kameez Tend to cost less than formal western clothing. Furthermore, when shopping with reputable shops you will be purchasing an outfit Whose beauty will last. Unlike many outfits, shalwar kameez can really go anywhere. They can go to formal events, semi-formal events, work, college, parties, dinners, or even just out for shopping. Many times, one suit can play more than one role with the simple addition of dressy accessories such as jewelry and shoes. Bottom
line, quality shalwar kameez last longer, are less expensive than many
western alternatives and can go so many different places that you are
going to get much more wear from them and that equals better value for
your money.