Life is full of surprises and opportunities. Sometimes it might feel otherwise but make no mistake, there is a greater power incharge! I have been talking to many different people over the last few days and seeing first hand how seeds planted as far as a year ago are bringing forth hope and connections that were once forgotten. I have a friend who just wrote a book. Another who is just starting out on a adventure she never thought possible! And yet, in the middle of all this, I also have a friend who is dying of Cancer that was diagnosed the week before Christmas. I throw this sad information in because I want to stress how important the human connection can be. While life is, indeed, full of surprises and opportunities, it also can end just as quickly. I am reminded that there are many very important people in my life that I don’t want to take for granted. People I love who are far more to me than any jobs or possessions. Let’s all remember to live our lives fully and with love and kindness. Here’s to you, doc, for this remembrance.