Excursion of Escalante

Backcountry Hazards

Our goal is a safe, exciting and beautiful hiking experience for our guests. Awareness of local environmental hazards is the first step in our safety plan.

Cliff Ledges– You may come across several cliff ledges, the rocks on the edge may be unstable, listen closely to your guides instructions.

Falling / Loose rocks– Since erosion is constantly working around us you may come across an unstable cliff face where rocks may slide from above. Step light. Also watch for loose rocks on the pathway.

Trees– Be aware that dead trees can fall or break at any time. Also watch for branches, since we may have to walk through thick trees.

Hot Weather– Heat injuries pose a serious threat to the desert traveler in summer desert hikes. Take your time and drink lots of water. A slow and steady pace is the key to successful wilderness exploration. Notify your guide if you feel dizzy, nauseous or “out of place”. Often a little food and water will alleviate the symptoms.

Strenuous Activity– Activities that we are participating in today may be strenuous. Stretching and warming up the muscles will ensure better flexibility; reduce soreness and the possibility of injury.

Wild Animals– You may encounter wild animals; most will be small & harmless. It’s best to let them be and watch them from a distance. If we do come across a large animal your guide will give instructions depending on the situation.

Uneven Ground– Watch your feet! The ground may be uneven, rocky & loose. It can be tough on the ankles. A sprained ankle in the back-country can turn a fun day into a long & painful one! Take your time!

Flash Floods– When walking through narrow canyons or stream beds, flash floods may occur without warning. Because of the desert landscape water can gather quickly, move rapidly and travel many miles. Listen closely to your guide’s instructions when in threatening weather. Lightning is a serious risk!

Snakes– Poisonous snakes inhabit this country. Watch hand and foot placement! Remain calm and your guide will deal with our friend.

Safety comes first. Please be aware of these hazards, as well as others. We have to respect the power of the rugged environment we will be visiting.