“ “ The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator/freezer,
microwave, sink and a variety of cabinets for
All apartments are connected to main hallway with
direct route to elevator and Therapy Services.
“ “ The room has an open floor plan that is approximately 410 square feet. The room
has two large windows that provide natural light and a remote controlled air
conditioning system. To view the actual room dimensions
The bathrooms are
designed with fold
down bench in
shower, detachable
shower head, tilt
mirror, heat lamps and
a variety of grab bars.
For additional safety a
pull alarm is located
next to toilet and sink.
“ “ Every Senior Suite tenant
receives a Code Alert Quick
Response Pendant. This is
just another level of safety
we provide to each tenant.
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Senior Suites
New Brighton
805 6th Avenue NW
New Brighton, Minnesota 55311