Kidney stones are formed when some of the chemicals get concentrated in the urine configured in precipitated crystalline structure. The crystals then grow into larger substance which is called as stones. If these crystals are tiny then these make their way all through the urinary tract being undetected. If this stone gets stuck somewhere in the kidneys, ureters or urethra then it blocks the flow of urine causing severe pain. Most stones occur when calcium in the body is found in abundant and combine with oxalate or phosphorous. Stones are also formed from uric acid that is formed when the body metabolizes protein.

Kidney stones: Types

Calcium stones: The most common kidney stone that are caused due to too much of calcium content in the urine. These type of stones are usually spiky and rough or large and smooth.

Greater amount of calcium could be the result of:
1. Hypercalciuria, an inherited condition that leads to large amounts of calcium in urine
2. High vitamin D content
3. Parathyroid gland that regulates the calcium in our body gets imbalanced by its functionality.
4. Kidney disease
5. Some cancers that require chemotherapy as treatment.

Struvite stones: These stones are often caused by urinary tract infection that has lasted a long time. They are most common in women as compared to men.

Uric acid stones: These stones are formed due to high amount of acid in the urine. The common causes for its formation are:
1. Chemotherapy which is a treatment for cancer
2. Consuming high amounts of protein in diet found in meat
3. Conditions such as gout helps in preventing the body to break down certain chemicals
4. An inherited state which causes higher level of acid in the body

Cysteine stones: The rarest form of all types of kidney stone caused by an inherited state known as cystinuria that affects the acid content in body passed in the urine.

Medication: There are various evidences of certain medication that help increasing the risk of developing recurrent kidney stones, including antacids, calcium, aspirin and vitamin D supplements, certain antibiotics, certain antiretroviral medicines that are used to treat HIV, diuretics that are used to decrease amounts of fluid, some anti-epileptic medicines that are used to treat epilepsy.

So, how to dissolve kidney stones permanently?

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