The answer to the question above is yes, I believe everyone needs to do a colon cleanse. But don’t just take my word for it, ask a Doctor. Many Doctors recommend using a colon cleanser, on a regular basis, as an aid in body detoxification.

Why Would I Need a Colon Cleanse?

Your digestive system; the colon, bowel, and intestines all become clogged after years of consuming foods that put a heavy burden on your body such as fatty meats, sugary treats, hydrogenated oils and processed or chemically treated food products.

The residual waste stuck to the walls of your colon causes your digestive tract to become toxic. The toxins produced eventually get into your blood and circulate throughout your body causing unfavorable health symptoms. Left untreated these toxins make your immune system weak and leave you susceptible to bad health and disease.

Signs and Symptoms Indicating a Need for a Colon Cleanse

There are many signs and symptoms indicating the need for a colon cleanse. Some of the most common are a continual feeling of being tired, can’t seem to get enough energy to get through the day or maybe you are continually suffering from reoccurring colds or from mysterious allergies.

Additional indications could be that you’re overweight (weight loss programs not working), taking prescription drugs or have chronic pain or a health condition that doctors just can’t pin point the cause. These are all common indicators of a need for body detoxification.

Get Healthier Now!

Without a body cleansing, the poisons will make your immune system weak leaving you more likely to suffer from bad health, disease, and chronic pain and illness. The body needs to detoxify and the only way to efficiently get the residual waste matter from your bowels is by using a colon cleanser.

The benefits of a colon cleanse, the reverse of the symptoms listed above. Most people experience an increase in energy and general feeling of wellness, and many people find that they have lost some of that excess weight and will be able to keep it off because an increase in metabolism (no more expensive weight loss programs that don’t work). Fewer colds, allergy relief, less joint and muscle pain, relief from constipation and gas, just to name a few.

Colon Cleansing and Colon Cancer

Colon cleansing is also beneficial when it comes to preventing colon cancer. One of the leading causes of death in the United States. Studies have revealed that changes in lifestyle and diet can prove to be beneficial in prevention or minimization of colon cancer. A colon cleanse can give you a clean start toward a healthier colon and a healthier body.

So do you need a colon cleanse?

I think everyone should consider the benefits. And if you do have questions or concerns, ask a Doctor. As for me, having the toxins removed from my body is as important as my annual checkup and an essential need in maintaining good health and preventing illness.