Condylomata acuminate or more popularly known as genital warts are highly contagious sexually transmitted disease. They can appear as single lump or may group themselves together to form a large lump that resembles like a cauliflower.
The symptoms of genital warts can include redness of the affected area as well as itching. They can appear in the genital area specifically around the opening of the vagina or can even be found inside the vagina for women. For the males on the other hand, genital warts can appear around the penis. For both sexes though, genital warts can appear in the area between the genitals and the anus.

The gestation period for this disease is rather long. It would take eight to 18 months before the first signs of genital warts can appear on the person. This is the stage where people mistakenly believe that they are not infected even though they have engaged in several unprotected sex with multiple partners. At this stage too, they do not yet believe in genital warts cures.

Overall, genital warts are considered harmless and cannot cause long lasting damage to the infected person. Yet, there are studies that revealed that several strains of the genital warts virus can in fact cause cancer.

It was observed that several women developed cervical cancer and some men developed penile cancer after being infected with genital warts. Although, more than 60 strains of the so-called human papilloma virus (HPV) are considered harmless, there are more than ten strains of HPV that can cause the start of cancerous cells.

The possibility of developing cancerous cells after being infected with genital warts is remote yet the possibility is always there. We can never be sure what sort of HPV strains that can hit us and it would be very unfortunate if the ones were of the cancerous type. Whether harmless or not once infected with it curing genital warts should be everybody’s concern.

However, self medication should be avoided as only qualified medical professionals and medical doctors can effectively prescribed the best genital warts cures. We might never know when a simple and harmless wart can mutate into a cancerous one that can cause cervical and penile cancer.

Below are some ways and means for curing genital warts.

The prescription and application of some chemical solutions like the pophyllin and trichloroacetic acids are found to be effective as genital wart remover. These chemical solutions work by destroying the unhealthy cells within the infected area. However, people should be careful when using this chemicals and acids as these materials can cause permanent discoloration of the skin.

Another method is the so-called liquid nitrogen or cryosurgery method. This method works by freezing the warts and once frozen thru the use of liquid nitrogen the warts are physically removed from the skin. Warts can be permanently removed by this process.

Still another method is thru the use of electrocauterization. Instead of cooling the warts, this method involves the application of heat to the warts. It would require the burning of the warts thru the use of electricity or laser.
The process involves heating a needle and after it is properly heated this is applied directly to the warts. Then immediately afterwards the warts would be cut removing effectively the warts and providing genital warts cures.
Next, the so-called curettage is another method in removing genital warts. The skin is first numbed thru the use of local anesthetics. After the skin or area is numbed the warts are now removed thru scraping. The drug interferon can also be directly injected into the warts.

Then there are the genital warts cream which are applied directly to the affected area. After several applications the warts would automatically fall off from the skin. Medical doctors have found effective ingredients on how to make this a possibility.

Whatever, method of treatment you choose, it is always better to consult your doctors so that the proper medications and methods could be prescribed. Their advice would always involve the specific conditions of the patients.