Gynostemma Tea mainly beneficial functions in the following aspects:

First, enhance immunity

1.two-way regulation of the immune system

Gynostemma tea can improve the ability of macrophages, increased white blood cell count significantly, while increasing their phagocytic leukocyte function, and promote the body’s secretion of interleukin, an increase in serum immune proteins.
Second, the regulation of the endocrine

2. lowering blood sugar

Gynostemma tea can protect the adrenal glands and thymus and the endocrine organs, so that does not shrink with age, to maintain the normal function of the endocrine system. Because Gynostemma tea has this effect, so it has a lower blood sugar and improve glucose metabolism, is ideal for diabetic drugs and health products.

3. regulate the female endocrine

Of dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation and menopausal syndrome have a good effect, but also on the female endocrine disorder caused by constipation, insomnia, face spots, pox point, and other significant results. Gan Xin soup has a very good role in regulating the female endocrine disorders.

Third, the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

4. lowering blood cholesterol

Gynostemma tea has a significantly lower cholesterol (TCH), triglyceride (TG), low density lipoprotein (LDL), increased high-density lipoprotein (HDL), to protect the vascular wall, to prevent deposition of lipids in the blood vessel wall, anti-atherosclerosis the role. Gynostemma can adjust the oxygen in the body decomposition of waste – fatty acids, to achieve the purpose of lowering blood pressure. Normally consumed Gynostemma tea after three days, you will have a non greasy refreshing feeling, and don’t want to eat too much meat.

5. lower blood pressure

Gynostemma tea has a significantly lower blood viscosity, blood pressure adjustment function, but to prevent micro-thrombosis and increased tolerance to hypoxia of myocardial cells, play a role in myocardial protection.

According to science experiments: Gynostemma tea can reduce cerebrovascular and coronary vascular resistance, increase coronary blood flow, reduce cardiac oxygen, and the effect of Gynostemma saponins surpass ginseng’s.

One of the most distinctive feature of Gynostemma tea does not affect cerebral blood flow, so for hypertension, cardiovascular disease and spastic patients with heart failure is very useful. After consume gynostemma tea for two months , you can gradually reduce the use of antihypertensive drugs , and can keep blood pressure stable and normal.
Fourth, nervous system disorders (headache, insomnia, fatigue, forgetfulness)

6. sleep-promoting

Gynostemma tea soothe the nerves, can regulate the balance of excitatory in the cerebral cortex level and inhibitory responses of the central nervous system has two-way adjustment, with sedative, hypnotic, anti-stress, fatigue solutions, enhance memory effect. Especially for insomnia have very quick results. Generally sleep will be significantly improved in two days, and some users have significantly improved on the same day.
7. anti-fatigue, strength, fitness

By mouse experiments show that: taking and not taking Gynostemma mice compared to mice taking Gynostemma pentaphyllum swimming time in mice than not taking the time to about 31-57%, while physical recovery is much faster. When drinks Gynostemma tea, you feel more abundant physical energy, not easily fatigue, can easily be restored even if tired, and thus greatly increased work efficiency.

By taking Gynostemma teauser response: taking Gynostemma after two to five days, people feel the whole body will be strong, due to fatigue caused by back pain will also eliminate .
8. headache, neurasthenia

Gynostemma Tea also soothes the nerve of neurasthenia, bronchial asthma, migraine headaches, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, chest tightness, limb numbness, dizziness, headache, forgetfulness, tinnitus, spontaneous perspiration, fatigue, various other diseases has a good effect.

Fifth, constipation, gastrointestinal tone

9. treatment of constipation

Gynostemma tea can protect the intestinal wall, peeling wall deposition of waste, maintaining a normal bowel movement, and both constipation and loose stools rule, two-way conditioning. According to the user response: After taking Gynostemma tea is generally two to three days to see results, the effect was about a month, and gradually consolidated.

10. take the sour belching, abdominal distention

Gynostemma tea can be strength stomach, improve digestion and absorption. After taking Gynostemma, accelerate gastrointestinal motility, increased appetite, anti-hunger for a long time, the stomach, stomach pain and gastrointestinal discomfort have a good conditioning effect.
Sixth, skin health beauty weight loss

11. no rebound weight loss

Gynostemma tea inhibit fat cells to produce free fatty alcohols and synthetic neutral fat, prevent glucose into effect. So Gynostemma can basically avoid the generation of fat, so no weight rebound, stable weight loss results.

The experiments show that lipid-lowering diet: eating fatty at the same time insist on taking Gynostemma tea in five groups of women, and another five groups of women, do not eat meat, and not taking Gynostemma tea, carry out regular inspections comparison, two groups of women in the cholesterol and similar fat content. This shows that the body fat of Gynostemma tea have positive transformation in vitro.

In addition, because Gynostemma tea is rich in nutrients and vitamins, so it is called a skin care, body weight abundance of choice of health drinks.

12. skin care

Drinking Gynostemma tea regularly, can enhance blood circulation, promote metabolism a regular manner, so as to maintain and restore the skin’s fitness. And has black hair, beauty skin effect.
Seven, to offset side effects of hormone drugs

13, Gynostemma tea has the capacity to offset side effects on dexamethasone and hormone drugs’, and for the tumor-induced immune dysfunction have significantly enhanced the role of corticosteroids can cause atrophy of organs for organ recovery and prevent the shrinking role of the hormone. It is a rare health product for people who’s often taking hormone drugs.

Eight, anti-cancer (tumor)

14, tumor suppressor rate of 20% -80%

The pharmacological tests show that Gynostemma tea can prevent normal cells cancerous, Gynostemma major role in tumor cell DNA synthesis, on the stomach, rectum, uterus, esophagus, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidney, lung, skin cancer and melanoma and other cancers cell proliferation are inhibited. Anti-cancer pharmacological experiments show that Gynostemma tea both to prevent normal cells cancerous, but also to promote the efficacy of cancer cells gradually return to normal, mice suffering from cancer and not taking the group taking Gynostemma pentaphyllum group, 44.8% to reduce cancer, extended survival 53.3%. Gynostemma is a highly effective anticancer drug for lung cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer and other 20 kinds of cancer, all have significant inhibitory effect. If the long-term use of Gynostemma healthy people, can also reduce the risk of cancer.

15, the prevention of prostate cancer

As the body’s lack of selenium, resulting in the elderly was increased risk of prostate cancer, Gynostemma tea contains the 18 essential amino acids and rich in zinc, strontium, iron, selenium and other trace elements. Enriched trace elements in food consumption, male old age to help prevent prostate cancer, selenium-containing body more, the risk of prostate cancer less.

Nine, anti-aging, anti-free radical

16, to extend the cell life

By human cell culture experiments showed that: human skin and lung cells and fetal cells in the regeneration times for the 22-and 51 generations, and in the medium extracted Gypenosides added, respectively, can be extended to 27-and 55 generations. Gynostemma has thus confirmed the significant role in cell resurrection. Passaged cell proliferation can extend the algebra to extend cell life span 22,7%. With enhanced superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity and endurance. Can inhibit the body’s aging substance – the formation of lipofuscin to extend cell life and delay aging.

17, Anti-free radical

We all know that the “iron” to place a long time will rust in the air, this chemical process called oxidation. The same principle, the body’s various organs, like iron, as will be called free radicals to oxidize and “rust”, which lead to many diseases and accelerate aging. Gynostemma Apart from direct cell nutrients, but also against free radical damage to cells, from the side to maintain normal metabolism of cells, to ensure blood flow.

Ten, to eliminate sub-health

18, increase immunity, to eliminate sub-health

Sub-health refers to health and disease that exists between a non-health nor disease, intermediate state. Refers to the body, although there is no organic disease indicators, but there decreased immunity, physiological dysfunction, decreased energy, decreased ability to adapt to a physiological and psychological state, and Gynostemma increase the body’s own immune system has a role, can effectively eliminate the sub- health status.

XI, other aspects

Gynostemma tea in the fight against cerebral thrombosis, diabetes, asthma, migraine headaches, bronchitis, mouth ulcers, gastric ulcers, chronic hepatitis B, etc. also have a significant effect.

Protecting the heart:

Gynostemma tea in reducing myocardial wall tension, ease cerebrovascular and peripheral vascular resistance, based on the heart and brain can enhance vitality, increase coronary flow, moderate arteriosclerosis, promote overall circulation is more vigorous and smooth.


Weak function of a part of the body, will produce allergic to certain substances, and the formation of bronchial wheezing, skin rash, joint pain, embolism, Gynostemma tea quite good results for these patients.

Also allows the loss of appetite, insomnia, headache, mental anxiety and other symptoms reduce or disappear.