In the event you encountered acid reflux before, you no doubt know it is distressing, painful and in many instances, extremely troubling. You need to know that millions of people from various areas of the earth experience acid reflux disease in fact it is also a very old condition that human beings suffer from.

If you suffer from acid reflux disease on a regular basis, you may need to deal with it so that you can prevent heartburn episodes or at least reduce its frequency.

Even though mild heartburn is a bit more of a annoyance compared to a real affliction, chronic or extreme acid reflux can be something much more severe. Persistent heartburn will not only keep you from living a typical life, but it could be very dangerous to the all around health.

You need to remember that when acid reflux or heartburn happens, your esophagus could possibly get damaged. Infrequent or slight cases of acid reflux will enable the lining inside your esophagus to recover and no lasting harm is going to be done. But, should you experience acid reflux all the time, you may need to take this more seriously as repeated acid reflux attacks may prevent your esophagus lining from recovering and cause serious injury to it.

In extraordinary instances, it may lead to the scarring in the esophagus. It’s also possible to acquire Barrett’s esophagus, where you will be at risk of getting esophageal cancer. This is generally the key reason why you may want to avoid heartburn specifically during nighttime when you are going to sleep.

Individuals are more vulnerable to encounter heartburn during the night when they lay down. This is because when we lay down, it’s much easier for the acid to reach our esophagus due to the fact gravity will no longer be of any help if we are lying down.

And, whenever we lie down, you might have a much more prolonged contact involving the esophagus as well as the acid, which often can simply lead to the destruction of your esophagus lining, that can create a more severe problem as mentioned previously.

So, here are a few of the ways on how one can stop acid reflux from occurring during night time.

The first is to avoid eating huge meals during an evening meal. You have to keep in mind that large meals mean that the stomach has to work harder to break down the food you eat. This may also mean that the stomach is going to take a lot longer to break down what we eat also it must create much more acid to break down the food. And this you don’t really want to take place when you’re already laying down your bed getting all set to nap.

It’s also advisable to prevent bedtime on a full stomach. You have to allow your stomach a minimum of 3 hours before you decide to turn in.

Whenever possible, you need to avoid laying down after consuming dinner.

It’s also wise to avoid having a drink late at night as this increases alcohol production within your stomach and it also relaxes your LES or lower esophageal sphincter. The LES is in charge of trying to keep stomach acid within your stomach and if it relaxes, it’ll open up and permit acid to come in contact with your esophagus.

Last but not least, you might want to have a very good supply of antacids prepared in the event you experience acid reflux during the night. Drinking a lot of water also can help reduce the effects of the acid within your stomach.

These are the techniques on how one can avoid nighttime acid reflux. Bear in mind these guidelines and you can be sure that you will decrease the occurrence of nighttime heartburn and avoid letting acid reflux assume control of your life.